what is PassShare?

it makes sharing passwords easier. gone are the days of sending plaintext passwords to your friends and coworkers. gone are the days of having to download password-protected files that make sharing and editing such a pain.

PassShare is not meant to replace other password databases like LastPass or Bitwarden. it's meant to consolidate your group passwords in one place, while offering a more secure way to share them.

is my info secure?


more specifically, we don't handle anything we don't need to handle. your PassShare login information is managed by Firebase, and not stored on our servers.

your site passwords and usernames are encrypted using the current U.S. cryptography standard, AES-256. we'll keep updating our standards of encryption if new systems emerge.

what features are there?

hmm...let's see. well, you can share your passwords with just yourself, your friends, and even create organizations (coming really, really soon).

you can also create randomly generated secure passwords , great for the whole family!

oh, and the UI is pretty cool ig.

how can I support PassShare?

currently, PassShare is in a sort of "beta" phase, where I won't be charging for any usage. you get unlimited friends, unlimited organizations, and unlimited passwords.

if you want to support PassShare, you can do so by buying me a coffee. well, i don't drink coffee. but i'll use the money to keep growing PassShare!